Cancer Patients Who Choose to Die at Home Live Longer

Cancer patients who chose to die at home lived longer than those who died in hospitals, a large study from Japan found.

Palliative care does not attempt to cure a person, but is often described as comfort care or symptom management.

Most people would like to be at home when dying, but there have been concerns about whether the quality of care would be the same as in a hospital, the researchers pointed out.However, our finding — that home death does not actually have a negative influence on the survival of cancer patients at all, and rather may have a positive influence — could suggest that the patient and family can choose the place of death in terms of their preference and values,”


Wearable ‘Defibrillator-in-a-Vest’ May Help Some Heart Patients

– A vest containing a defibrillator may be an option for some heart patients who can’t use an implantable defibrillator — the device that can shock the heart back to a proper rhythm if needed.hat’s the conclusion of the first science advisory on the devices just issued by the American Heart Association. The advisory, however, cautioned that there are still big gaps in knowledge about the devices and they should only be used as a short-term option for specific patients.

Skipping Meds Greatly Ups Heart Patients’ Risk of Stroke

People at risk for heart disease are much more likely to die from a stroke if they don’t take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs andblood pressure medications as prescribed

Fatal stroke risk also increased if these patients stuck to one type of medication but not both, the researchers found.

For example, if patients kept taking blood pressure medication but dropped their statins, their risk of dying from a stroke increased by 82 percent. Turning the tables, they had a 30 percent added risk of stroke if they took their statins but didn’t take their blood pressure medications.

Health Highlights

Utah is the first state to require anesthesia for women having an abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later.

The bill, signed into law Monday by Gov. Gary Herbert, is based on the controversial belief that a fetus can feel pain at that pointAnesthesia or an analgesic has to go through the woman to reach the fetus, Dr. Sean Esplin, of Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, explained. General anesthesia would make the woman unconscious and likely require abreathing tube or large dose of narcotics

Health Tip: Get the Scoop on Avocados

(HealthDay News) — Avocados are a nutrient-rich, versatile food that offer many health benefits.

  • Get exercise five days per week for 30 minutes each day. Focus on getting frequent workouts, even in short bursts, rather than waiting for a long period of free time. Enjoy walking, jogging or biking.
    • To spot a ripe avocado, look for one that is slightly soft when you press gently with your palm.
    • Mash avocados with a fork to turn into a spread, or slice them and add to sandwiches or salad.

Oldest malaria strain ever discovered

Poinar was the first researcher to discover a 15-20-million-year-old mosquito called theCulex malariager. Preserved in amber, the mosquito was found in the Dominican Republic, once referred to as the “New World.”

“Aside from being the first fossil record of Plasmodium malaria, the fossil demonstrated that this genus was established in the New World at least 15 million years ago, thus putting the history of malaria in the New World in a different perspective,” notes Poinar.

Poinar also points to an analysis of an amber-preserved biting midge known asProtoculicoides, which is around 100 million years old.

Fighting Back Against Dry Skin

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against the elements. When sun, wind, and cold leave skin dry and itchy, don’t hide it under long pants and gloves. Replenish it!

Winter Weather

When the temperature drops, the humidity level plunges too. Dry air leaves skin parched. I see patients coming in complaining of dry, itchy skin,” says Linda Stein Gold, MD, clinical research director for the dermatology department at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospita

Quick Fix: Dial Up the Humidity

Install a humidifier in your home to keep air moist. Set humidity at a constant 45% to 55%, and the temperature at a balmy 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turning the Pages: A Look at the Sketchbooks of Artists — Discover

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