Treatment of Dysentry

Squeeze a lemon in water and drink it twice or thrice in a day. It will cure dysentery and you can use milk instead of water too.
By eating the fenugreek leaves fried in oil ,will cure bloody and simple loose motions.
Drink Fenugreek juice 60 grams and mixed with sugar .It will help a lot or you can mix fenugreek seed (In crushed form) with yogurt . It will cure dysentery too
For dysentery patients rice are the best food.
Boil 6 gram of aniseed with 82 gram of water , when water becomes half then add black salt in it and then give it to your child.
Black pepper:
Eat Black pepper ,it cures dysentery
Eat tulsi leaf with sugar .It helps in dysentery a lot.
Crush 15 gram of dry crust of pomegranate with longe. And boil it in water. then filter it and drink 3 times a day .It will fix your digestive system .and cure dysentery.
Eat dates ,it will help.
Lady Finger:
Lady finger is very beneficial in dysentery. And cleans our intestines.
Take Almost 4 grams of crust of chickpea , put it in the water for a while and then filter this water and drink it in the morning. It will cure the dysentery and also help if you have bloody stools.
Crush the seed of mango and mix it in mango juice. Then drink it. It will cure dysentery.
If you have bloody stool then eat fresh onion after removing the crust with water .It will surely help.
Sugar cane:
Mix the sugar cane juice with pomegranate juice and drink it.
Mix 15 gram of coriander and 12 gram of misri in water then drink it . It will helping stopping bloody stool and removes gas from the system. The patient who have gasses problem should take desi ghee and oils. They should avoid red chilly ,pulses and avoid alohol.


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