Treatment of Dysentry

Squeeze a lemon in water and drink it twice or thrice in a day. It will cure dysentery and you can use milk instead of water too.
By eating the fenugreek leaves fried in oil ,will cure bloody and simple loose motions.
Drink Fenugreek juice 60 grams and mixed with sugar .It will help a lot or you can mix fenugreek seed (In crushed form) with yogurt . It will cure dysentery too
For dysentery patients rice are the best food.
Boil 6 gram of aniseed with 82 gram of water , when water becomes half then add black salt in it and then give it to your child.
Black pepper:
Eat Black pepper ,it cures dysentery
Eat tulsi leaf with sugar .It helps in dysentery a lot.
Crush 15 gram of dry crust of pomegranate with longe. And boil it in water. then filter it and drink 3 times a day .It will fix your digestive system .and cure dysentery.
Eat dates ,it will help.
Lady Finger:
Lady finger is very beneficial in dysentery. And cleans our intestines.
Take Almost 4 grams of crust of chickpea , put it in the water for a while and then filter this water and drink it in the morning. It will cure the dysentery and also help if you have bloody stools.
Crush the seed of mango and mix it in mango juice. Then drink it. It will cure dysentery.
If you have bloody stool then eat fresh onion after removing the crust with water .It will surely help.
Sugar cane:
Mix the sugar cane juice with pomegranate juice and drink it.
Mix 15 gram of coriander and 12 gram of misri in water then drink it . It will helping stopping bloody stool and removes gas from the system. The patient who have gasses problem should take desi ghee and oils. They should avoid red chilly ,pulses and avoid alohol.


Treatment for daad

Pomegranate: mash some leaves of pomegranate and apply on daad for relief.
Beet: eat it daily for long time to get rid of daad.
Bathu saag: boil bathu saag and drink its water daily. Wash skin with boiled warm water. Mash some raw leaves of bathu saag. Squeeze 2 cups of water from it. Mix half cup of till oil and cook at low flame. Wait for the juice to evaporate completely then strain the oil and keep in a bottle. Apply daily on skin problem area.
Lemon: scratch daad daily and apply lemon juice on it daily.
Banana: mix some lemon juice in mashed banana and apply on daad.
Papaya: apply papaya milk on daad.
Carrot: take 185 grams of carrot juice, 250 grams of beet juice and 125 grams of cucumber juice and drink it.
Potato: drink juice of raw potato to get rid of daad.
Garlic: burn garlic gloves and do mix its ash in honey. Apply it on daad (for infants only).
Radish: take some lemon juice and seeds of radish. Mash them together well, heat them and apply on daad. Keep applying it for some days daily.
Singhara: take dried singhara, mash it with lemon juice and apply on daad. It will irritate skin for some time then it will give relief.
Wheat: soak some wheat with its peel in some water. After 2 hours grind it well and apply on daad.
Red pepper: oil of red pepper is very useful in daad. Take 25 grams of red pepper and 375 grams of mustard oil. Cook them together then strain this oil and apply on daad.
Salt: apply wet salt on daad after every one hour. Daad will b completely vanish in one week.
Carom seeds: mash some carom seeds with war water and apply on daad. Boil some carom seeds and wash daad with that water.
Tulsi: drink juice of 12 grams of tulsi leaves daily. Mix same quantity of tulsi leaves and lemon juice and apply on daad. Take 100 leaves of tulsi, ¼ spoon of salt and squeeze half lemon. Mash all together (including lemon peel). Apply this paste on daad.
Till: take 2 spoons of till oil, 2 spoons of mashed raal, and 2 spoons of zard moom. Mix it and apply paste on daad.
How to make this paste: heat the oil of till, mix 2 spoons of raal and zard moon and keep it aside. Now mix taara meera kajal in it.
How to make taara meera kajal: burn light of taara meera oil. Keep it burn for 4 days to make kajal.
Use: apply this paste on skin prom area to get rid of cuts, burns, pimples etc.
Onion: mash some seeds of onion in lemon juice and apply on daad daily. It is very effective.


Anoola: take 2 spoons of anoola juice and mix same quantity of mishri. Drink it for acidity problem.
Potato: potato has potassium salt in it. It helps to reduce acidity. Acidity patients should add potato in their daily meals.
Carrot: Carrot juice is very good for acidity patients.
Cloves: eat 1 clove after morning and evening meal to get rid of acidity.
Banana: sprinkle some sugar and grinded cardamom and eat it to get rid of acidity.
Lemon: acidity patients should drink water mixed lemon juice before one hour of taking meal. Mix lemon juice in little warm water and drink in evening to get rid of acidity.

Personality Development

A human beings personality is a collective assortment of judgments we’ve made during the course of our lives. There are inherent natural, genetic, and environmental factors that contribute to the development of our personality. According to process of socialization, “personality also colors our values, beliefs, and expectations. Hereditary factors that
contribute to personality development do so as a result of interactions with the particular social environment in which people live.”
personality development do so as a result of interactions with the particular social environment in which people live.”
Personality in other words is unique personal potentials which help one to develop ones individuality. Child personality develops in a very natural way, which can be improved by proper guidance of parents and teachers. It is the duty of both parents and a teacher that the child plays, reads and mingles socially enough.
The factors

Exercise for healthy skin

We already know that exercise is vital for your heart, lungs and mind but did you know that it is this daily movement is a key element in glowing and radiant skin.
Where exercise is beneficial to heart it regulates blood circulation and keeps skin healthy though in some of the skin problems like acne, rosacea, or psoriasis, you may take special precautions while doing exercise. It may increase the problem if not proper care is taken but do not stop being active.

How Much Water Do You Need?

There’s no hard and fast rule, and many individuals meet their daily hydration needs by simply drinking water when they’re thirsty, according to a report on nutrient recommendations from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. In fact, most people who are in good physical health get enough fluids by drinking water and other beverages when they’re thirsty, and also by drinking a beverage with each of their meals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you’re not sure about your hydration level, look at your urine. If it’s clear, you’re in good shape. If it’s dark, you’re probably dehydrated.